Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


After a bit of babysitting this morning and then jobhunting with no luck i decided to go birdwatching with Mr Thomlinson this afternoon in search once again of the White Tailed eagle.Nothing.Am i surprised,no,after all it was reported yesterday by a woman,probably a heron.
What we did see was 40 Red Legged Partridge,flock of 30 linnets,Sparrowhawk,kestrel,1 Buzzard,thousands of gulls,greenfinch,goldfinch,chaffinch,rooks,crows,magpies,3 jays,6 skylark.
Also great tit,blue tit,2 coal tits,moorhen,8 Pheasants but no White Tailed Eagle,after searching 4 probable sites we decided to call it a day,not a bad few hours in all fairness and i may give it one last go tomorrow before giving up on this one.
Today was the day after AFC Hornchurch seemed to be getting back on track after our 4-0 demolition of Folkestone last night,it was also the day the draw for the 3rd round of the Essex Senior Cup,a competition we got to the final in last season,although the actual final was played in auguest this pre season,we lost 2-1 to Colchester United at Bridge Avenue,the home of the mighty Hornchurch
We have been drawn against Eton Manor who play at Barking FC ground in Mayesbrook Park,a ground which does not have a bar,don't want to sound like a plonker but i am not sure if i am going to go to a game which doesn't sell any sort of refreshments at half time,if it was the FA Cup i would go but maybe not in a game we should win by at least 6 clear goals.
Nipper had her cot put up by Gary today,i tried putting it up along with 3 other people but as we had no instructions it seemed impossible,Gary made it look easy,well done Gary lol,nipper can have the cot tonight while i go back to the family bed after my night on the sofa last night,i must say how enjoyable it was to sleep on such an uncomfortable sofa

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A normal day

Started out with me being awoken by the missus claiming to have 2 banana milkshakes in the fridge along with a whopper,the fact i have not been near burger king for months can only suggest this was a very strange dream.Along with the missus' purple tights which apparantly i commented on (must say,she did look like miss popov as she went to work) the day only got stranger.After dropping Isla off at my mums,so i could go out to look for a job and dotting granny could dote even more,i received a message that a White tailed eagle with no jesssies (probable wild bird) had been spotted at green lane,bulphan
off me and dagsy get in his car to find it,not having a clue where green lane is (we later find out its orsett overlooking bulphan for about 3 miles) In the meantime we see Red kite above bulphan village hall,good bird for the area,we then find out where green lane is and drive for 5 miles to the exact location,stand around like idiots for a couple of hours where we see a large common buzzard within minutes and fk all else apart from the odd jay,corvid or gull.
I went home after 3 hours,but thoroughly enjoyed it.
Am currently asleep on the sofa as i decided to talk tactics after the game and got in a little late,the baby is currently on my side of the bed,taking up an awful lot of space for a 6 month old while i am on the sofa taking up a very small amount of space for a 36 year old.......oh well,cant win them all
In the evening i went to see the mighty urchins play folkestone,in our first game since our 7-1 drubbing,we win 4-0,everyone is happy and saturday is forgotten,if only life was this simple

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Tonbridge angels 7 AFC Hornchurch 1

In what must be our worst defeat for over 15 years i think you will be somewhat shocked to hear me say we play well,for 35 minutes,albeit 2-0 down until we got back to 2-1 and should of equalised 2 minutes later.
As much as i will criticise poor performances,the one thing we have all moaned constantly about this season is the lack of threat up front,which although we only got one today,looked the strongest for weeks.
Joe Flack our top scorer last season has gone which frees up a bit of money and i hear frankie curley could be making his way back which could just be what we need.
Folkestone at home on tuesday who are pretty poor but they probably feel the same as us.
Anyway,birds of note,juvenile buzzard over the ground,meadow pipit,grey wagtail,little owl were all seen as the game was being played,as were countless jays
Also saw a redwing which seemed quite early for a migrant

We also get to gain revenge on brentwood as they won 4-3 at home to east thurrock in the trophy,we play them on the 16th October,should be fun