Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 18 February 2011

Bonnetts Bonanza

Had a late start over at Bonnetts this morning,which turned out to be a fruitful mornings birding and fruitful if you like being attacked by dogs salavating at the mouth,i hate jack russells.
Got over Bonnetts about 9.30,driving up to the usual spot that i park at,i had no less than 75 blue & great tits feeding on the road,in what must of been a spillage of some sort,probably seed.There were also dunnocks,finches and robins at the Banquet.I parked up and from the car could see 2 Goldcrest in the shrubs next to me and many finches in the woods trees behind gerpins lane.
On making my way to one of my usual view points,although cold i got the feeling that spring is getting ever closer,from reports we could well have temperatures up to 16-17c by wednesday/thursday although tomorrow is supposed to be freezing.From the usual vantage point i could hear Many skylarks,i counted 7 but there were at least double that in and around the field,the noise was fascinating.In the fields also were 35 Stock Dove,2 red legged Partridge which actually flew out of Bonnetts,pheasant and many many Wood Pigeons along with a couple of rooks,a good start,after about half hour with nothing but a Cormorant and a few Greenfinch i had a flock of 18 siskins,in amongst them were 3 Lesser redpolls,cracking stuff,this i thought would do me for the day but walking back to the car i saw something out the corner of my eye,at first i thought it was a greenfinch but under closer inspection it was a chiffchaff,my first for the year and a site first,happy days.I trudged off home happy as a hornchurch fan who gets 3 points against hastings tomorrow,Come on Hornchurch

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Popped over Bonnetts this morning about 8am,don't know how but I managed over two hours over there even though it only felt like I was over there for half hour or so.On getting out the car I was greeted with 3 Goldcrest and a flock of around 20 goldfinch.Straight away after I saw 2 mute swan and about 30 Canada geese flew south.Other birds of note were a Kestrel,a few greenfinch and lesser black back gull.then I had 4 yellowhammer,the most I have had their recently.This evening I went to Hornchurch to watch our reserves win 3-0 in the semi final of the cup.Off out again in the morning,probably back over bonnetts.Sorry for the briefness of my blogs but my pc is buffered and it is hard work on the I phone.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Simply the best

Just watched officially the best team in the world beat Barcelona,yes Arsenal have beaten Barcelona in the first leg of their champions league tie.We should of won 6-1 in my unbiased opinion.Barcelona have lost one game all season to Heracles who I believe they have since beaten to up until tonight become best in the world,now arsenal are,well until Sunday when wenger will put a weakened side out against orient and they will probably beat us,then they will become the best team in the world.But then surely Hornchurch would be the best team in the world because the last time we played orient we beat them 5-1 at the Bridge.As for Hornchurch,our game against aveley was called off Tuesday night and we are 11th now but still only 5 points from the play offs with games in hand.
Went over Bonnetts Wood this afternoon for the first time in a couple of weeks,was only over there an hour or so but managed 2 yellowhammer,great spotted woodpecker,green woodpecker,4 siskins,kestrel and a mistle thrush along with the usual stuff.My mouth isn't too bad now,I am down to 2 painkillers a day now as I only get the odd occassional pain and hope it will feel a bit better in the next couple of days,just feels strange having a tooth missing.
Going to give Bonnetts a go in the morning for a few hours tomorrow,it's getting to the time when the first spring migrants arrive,well still a few weeks to go but who knows a wheatear may turn up early,you never know,just like football

Monday, 14 February 2011

Out at last

Thank god,the Bastard Tooth is no more!!!
I woke up this morning after what can only be described as a shite nights sleep.At 3am I was still awake in agony sitting in bed trying to think of new songs for the mighty Hornchurch' eastside to sing at Tuesdays home derby against Aveley or Daveley as we call them.By 4am I was driving down to BP to get some fags,by 4.15 I think I was asleep.
Anyway,I got to the dentists at 12.15 with only a moderate pain due to my new friend nurofen who I have somewhat warmed to recently.I was put under a local and sent back out to the waiting area,after 15 minutes I was called in to "try" to get my tooth out.After 15 minutes or so it was obvious this wasn't just going to be a plyer job,this required a drill and the tooth being split into two.I have proudly kept the tooth as it's my first one out since I was a kid and hopefully my last.
After a few hours of heavy bleeding and not being able to feel my face I felt a but better but not well enough to go on the boozybirders trip to the new forest in the morning.At least I will be watching the mighty Hornchurch tomorrow night and I may be able to sing my new song,the Hornchurch version of Harvey dangers flagpole sitter I wrote last night while in pain

We are red and we are White
And we are going so many places

Won't put anymore as I am sure non off you give a flying flipflop

Saturday, 12 February 2011


I won't go on too much tonight as I am still in a thoroughly crap mood after watching the mighty Hornchurch crash to a 2-0 defeat to fellow play off hopefulls and local rivals Billericay.This was the all day piss up I arranged which I couldn't drink at because my tooth is a nasty tooth and is still hurting despite two days of relative harmony since my last update.We played ok first half but then decided to play total garbage second half.I haven't been birding for ages now and am becomming totally pissed off with this tooth,going to go back to the dentist Monday and if he or she (whoever they choose to wheel out this week to treat me)doesn't sort something out,I will not be the only one having a tooth removed.Will try to go birding tomorrow,quietly confident that I will get a bit done!!!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

I am still here

To all my followers and non followers,I am still here.I have just been very quiet due to a gammy tooth which is still not out despite two visits to the dentist since my performance at the anaesthetic clinic last Thursday.Anyway,since then I have only really been out to watch football as I haven't had the motivation to get up early to go birding as apart from last night I have been in total pain all night and waking up like a zombie with all the drugs I have been putting into myself to try to rid me of this awful pain.It shouldn't be long now as I am waiting for The London Hospital to give me an appointment to have it out by general anaesthetic.I am on mind bending Metronidazole which is interesting at the best of times.Anyway,back to football,we drew 1-1 with 2nd placed Bury Town at home last Saturday,goal scored by Duane Jackman who returned to the club after a year or so away,top player.Tuesday night we visited Sutton united,who are leaders,we got beat 3-0 although we played well and all 3 goals were scored in the last 15 minutes,we are away at Billericay Saturday in a must win game and the lads are going on a bit of a beano meeting at upminster by 11.15am or Romford in time for the 11.56am train to billericay where we are then going to the pub to watch the mancunian derby,then off to get 3 much needed points hopefully.Although I will be on this beano,unfortunately I will be unable to drink due to my medication.Tonight I went to watch the reserves,we won 4-3 in the presidents cup and now play Colney Heath in the semi final at home next Thursday,new boy Franckie the Frenchman scored the 4th and looks quality,will see how I feel in the morning,but hope to have a little birding if I feel ok in the morning.Next Tuesday a few of us are off to the New Forest on a birding trip,hoping to see my first great grey shrike and maybe a wandering White Tailed Eagle that has been seen.A couple of things to look forward to the next few days,come on you urchins!!!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tooth nearly out

So today was the day the annoying bastard of a tooth was finally coming out!!!!
Started the day with a walk over bonnetts wood for an hour or so to take my mind off my pending operation.I only lasted half hour or so as my mind weren't really on it as I was thinking about my teeth as I hate dentists and especially operations at dentists,so I came home.Think i managed to see a couple of Goldcrests and a few skylarks among the usual birds but that was it.
I got home and had a couple of hours messing about with the nipper before setting off to have my tooth out,I got there at 2pm and within 5 minutes I had an x ray.All was going too well,I was then called in for the op,they explained everything and put my mind at ease,then they tried to find a vein but this in turn was a problem,eventually after trying a few they found one,the next thing I know I am being led out the room to the resting area,it seemed it was all over and I felt alright apart from feeling off my face!!
Then Alice broke the news to me that I hadn't in fact had my tooth out as while sedated I had apparently lost it and become too violent lol,she also said the last thing I said while going under was asking if any of the dentists were spurs fans,one bloke said yes,I can only assume this led to my outburst.Alice also said that when I came round I said "not her,she has a ferret in a cage and tormentsme with it,don't let me go home with her" then I also said about the pretty assistant " I want to go home with her" very strange but I wondered why when off my face in the resting room after she kept smiling at me.Dint recommend having teeth out but the drugs are top quality

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

We are Hornchurch from the bridge

Started the day off over Bonnetts as per usual where I saw good numbers of Redwing,lapwing,fieldfares and starlings.Also had mistle thrush,18 goldfinch,11 long tailed tits and 28 waxwings,which went towards parklands but after half hour of searching i couldnt relicate them also had s stoat as well as the usual birds.This evening I went over to the bridge to watch the mighty Afc Hornchurch,we started the game poorly and it went downhill from there with Margate grabbing the lead deservedly.It stayed 1-0 at half time and we didn't
Look any better just after half time but gradually we got
Into the game and grabbed the equaliser after around 75 minutes,after that it was all one way traffic and super Lewis smith grabbed the winner on 90 minutes,Lewis smith is better than Torres fact,and the new French geezer looks a decent player as well.Big game on Saturday at home to Bury Town,win that and we are right back in the mix for promotion.Come on you urchins,sadly only 175 fans turned u tonight,our worst crowd of the season