Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tooth nearly out

So today was the day the annoying bastard of a tooth was finally coming out!!!!
Started the day with a walk over bonnetts wood for an hour or so to take my mind off my pending operation.I only lasted half hour or so as my mind weren't really on it as I was thinking about my teeth as I hate dentists and especially operations at dentists,so I came home.Think i managed to see a couple of Goldcrests and a few skylarks among the usual birds but that was it.
I got home and had a couple of hours messing about with the nipper before setting off to have my tooth out,I got there at 2pm and within 5 minutes I had an x ray.All was going too well,I was then called in for the op,they explained everything and put my mind at ease,then they tried to find a vein but this in turn was a problem,eventually after trying a few they found one,the next thing I know I am being led out the room to the resting area,it seemed it was all over and I felt alright apart from feeling off my face!!
Then Alice broke the news to me that I hadn't in fact had my tooth out as while sedated I had apparently lost it and become too violent lol,she also said the last thing I said while going under was asking if any of the dentists were spurs fans,one bloke said yes,I can only assume this led to my outburst.Alice also said that when I came round I said "not her,she has a ferret in a cage and tormentsme with it,don't let me go home with her" then I also said about the pretty assistant " I want to go home with her" very strange but I wondered why when off my face in the resting room after she kept smiling at me.Dint recommend having teeth out but the drugs are top quality

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