Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 10 February 2011

I am still here

To all my followers and non followers,I am still here.I have just been very quiet due to a gammy tooth which is still not out despite two visits to the dentist since my performance at the anaesthetic clinic last Thursday.Anyway,since then I have only really been out to watch football as I haven't had the motivation to get up early to go birding as apart from last night I have been in total pain all night and waking up like a zombie with all the drugs I have been putting into myself to try to rid me of this awful pain.It shouldn't be long now as I am waiting for The London Hospital to give me an appointment to have it out by general anaesthetic.I am on mind bending Metronidazole which is interesting at the best of times.Anyway,back to football,we drew 1-1 with 2nd placed Bury Town at home last Saturday,goal scored by Duane Jackman who returned to the club after a year or so away,top player.Tuesday night we visited Sutton united,who are leaders,we got beat 3-0 although we played well and all 3 goals were scored in the last 15 minutes,we are away at Billericay Saturday in a must win game and the lads are going on a bit of a beano meeting at upminster by 11.15am or Romford in time for the 11.56am train to billericay where we are then going to the pub to watch the mancunian derby,then off to get 3 much needed points hopefully.Although I will be on this beano,unfortunately I will be unable to drink due to my medication.Tonight I went to watch the reserves,we won 4-3 in the presidents cup and now play Colney Heath in the semi final at home next Thursday,new boy Franckie the Frenchman scored the 4th and looks quality,will see how I feel in the morning,but hope to have a little birding if I feel ok in the morning.Next Tuesday a few of us are off to the New Forest on a birding trip,hoping to see my first great grey shrike and maybe a wandering White Tailed Eagle that has been seen.A couple of things to look forward to the next few days,come on you urchins!!!

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  1. Hello Rob,
    Glad you are still there! There are not many things worse than tooth ache, hope it get’s sorted out soon! Still good times ahead, Tuesday for starters, I’ll be there as well. I’m looking forward to the trip out and I’m sure it will be a good day. Secondly three points from the ‘Ricky’. I did not think we would get anything at Sutton, their flying and probably take the title. I will be over Parklands on Sunday about 11:30 am to undertake the WeBs count. If I don’t see there, see you Tuesday.
    Kind regards, Ron Colson