Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Monday, 14 February 2011

Out at last

Thank god,the Bastard Tooth is no more!!!
I woke up this morning after what can only be described as a shite nights sleep.At 3am I was still awake in agony sitting in bed trying to think of new songs for the mighty Hornchurch' eastside to sing at Tuesdays home derby against Aveley or Daveley as we call them.By 4am I was driving down to BP to get some fags,by 4.15 I think I was asleep.
Anyway,I got to the dentists at 12.15 with only a moderate pain due to my new friend nurofen who I have somewhat warmed to recently.I was put under a local and sent back out to the waiting area,after 15 minutes I was called in to "try" to get my tooth out.After 15 minutes or so it was obvious this wasn't just going to be a plyer job,this required a drill and the tooth being split into two.I have proudly kept the tooth as it's my first one out since I was a kid and hopefully my last.
After a few hours of heavy bleeding and not being able to feel my face I felt a but better but not well enough to go on the boozybirders trip to the new forest in the morning.At least I will be watching the mighty Hornchurch tomorrow night and I may be able to sing my new song,the Hornchurch version of Harvey dangers flagpole sitter I wrote last night while in pain

We are red and we are White
And we are going so many places

Won't put anymore as I am sure non off you give a flying flipflop

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