Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A normal day

Started out with me being awoken by the missus claiming to have 2 banana milkshakes in the fridge along with a whopper,the fact i have not been near burger king for months can only suggest this was a very strange dream.Along with the missus' purple tights which apparantly i commented on (must say,she did look like miss popov as she went to work) the day only got stranger.After dropping Isla off at my mums,so i could go out to look for a job and dotting granny could dote even more,i received a message that a White tailed eagle with no jesssies (probable wild bird) had been spotted at green lane,bulphan
off me and dagsy get in his car to find it,not having a clue where green lane is (we later find out its orsett overlooking bulphan for about 3 miles) In the meantime we see Red kite above bulphan village hall,good bird for the area,we then find out where green lane is and drive for 5 miles to the exact location,stand around like idiots for a couple of hours where we see a large common buzzard within minutes and fk all else apart from the odd jay,corvid or gull.
I went home after 3 hours,but thoroughly enjoyed it.
Am currently asleep on the sofa as i decided to talk tactics after the game and got in a little late,the baby is currently on my side of the bed,taking up an awful lot of space for a 6 month old while i am on the sofa taking up a very small amount of space for a 36 year old.......oh well,cant win them all
In the evening i went to see the mighty urchins play folkestone,in our first game since our 7-1 drubbing,we win 4-0,everyone is happy and saturday is forgotten,if only life was this simple

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