Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Been busy with work the last month,with just the odd visit to Thames Chase,despite the days being long.
To be honest,the weathers been shit and since i broke my ankle,i just havent really been fussed about birding,it probably is the weather but probably a bit of tiredness preventing me getting up early on a rare day off or going out late after a day at work.
Anyway,last Wednesday i was at a meeting for the Wildlife Group at Thames chase,we stopped around 8.45pm for a drink and i quickly went to look for Barn Owl in the top field,no Barn Owl but i did have a Kingfisher whizzing across the field.
After the meeting i spent a few minutes in pretty dark conditions around 10pm in the same field,when i saw something large flying around the field,a Barn Owl,not the first on the site but the first for a while.
Getting me in the mood for Barn Owls,i had a job to Yaxley near Peterborough saturday and from about 7.30 i decided to head to the Fens to see if i could get a decent picture of any,i had a few Buzzards,the odd Marsh Harrier and then i found this at the roadside in a Field

I would of got more but it got dark when it was showing off the best and i am crap at taking pictures in the dark or dusk.
Anyway,last night,John Jae Attiwell,Garry Bowden and myself headed to Thames Chase centre to see if we can get pictures of the TC Barn Owl,or at least a sighting.We arrived at 7.30pm and waited and waited and waited,around 9.45pm we heard Tawny Owl,then again elsewhere in the distance a few minutes later but still no Barn owl,Garry started packing his Photographic equipment away,saying "Bet it comes out now" and i said i thought i could sense it and suddenly a flash of white about 200 yards away at the end of the field.It quartered around for a minute or so before landing in a small leafless tree.We looked at it for a few moments but when turning round to see Garry putting up his gear again we turned back and it had gone,so no photos but we will carry on as we need to work more to get into a good position to capture this bird,more soon i hope

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