Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Barn Owls & England are shit

No pictures of any Barn Owls but i keep seeing them,as is the norm,i see them at dusk or in the middle of the night,usually while driving,hence no pictures.Had a lovely one,sitting in a tree about 1/2 mile from my house monday night on my way back from London about 5am,just sat there while i drove past slowly.I wanted to get out to have a closer look but didn't really fancy disturbing it,plus my bed was calling but i sat there in my car,looking at it for a minute or so and it didn't seem too bothered by my presence,just kept looking at me with his big white face.
Popped over to the paddock on the ingrebourne last night,not too much about,had a couple of Buzzards,plenty of lapwings,saw a hobby and 3 kestrels,plus plenty of swallows still about.Went over there again earlier but again not too much going on,just a Green Woodpecker to add tonight.Also popped over to Bonnetts Wood,very quiet there with a couple of male pheasants knocking around as well as a small flock of Long tailed tits.
Watched England draw with the Ukraine last night,lucky to draw to be honest-wankers
Anyway,enough about footy,they arent worth writing about,overpaid useless twats,have some pictures

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