Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Im back again

i am not living with my ex shit sherlock and sadly not living with my beautiful daughter anymore,which can be very hard at times but i'm gradually getting used to it more every day and if anything its actually made our relationship stronger and we spend more quality time together and she has grown into a beautiful,intelligent and strong little young lady.
My love for football has somewhat diminished again,well not diminished but been put on the back burners for the last year,mainly due to work and also due to me spending more time with isla,although she does enjoy coming footy with me,its more so so she can overload on sweets,fizz and burgers and generally run me ragged chasing her around the place,which ulitmately leads to me not watching as much footy as i would like.
Arsenal look to be on the up,having won the Fa Cup last season and back in the final this season and although their league form is still below par,a late run of decent form has at least seen us put pressure on leaders Chelsea who we play Sunday,although even a win would probably still leave us too much to do,barring a Chelsea collapse but you never know,at least there are signs though of competing at the top level may be a reality next season with 2-3 top signings in the summer,as for our performance in europe,apart from one pathetic game against Monaco at the emirates i believe we would now be in the semi finals ffs.
Hornchurch lost the play off final to Lowestoft last May and this season it got worse and worse and didnt get any better,despite every now and then a result giving us hope of getting out the mire,we were sadly relegated down to the Ryman one North,not the end of the world as some fans would have you believe and i for one,think it may just be what the club needs to get going again,at least we get the biggest derby in world football next year AFC Hornchurch v Romford FC the enemy!!!
As for my birding which was the main reason for starting this blog,the last year it has suffered somewhat but im starting to get back into it a bit,but hard making time with work.
spring is well underway,here are some pictures of the last few days

Monday, 24 February 2014

Upminster Birder: Latest stuff

Upminster Birder: Latest stuff: Been a Couple of weeks since my last post. Last week a group of us went to Dungeness on a trip,great day out,saw all sorts. Done a bit of ...

Latest stuff

Been a Couple of weeks since my last post.
Last week a group of us went to Dungeness on a trip,great day out,saw all sorts.
Done a bit of local birding and a trip to Wallasea Island on Saturday.
Saw a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker today At Cely Woods In Upminster.
May go back tomorrow and get more shots of it and the Buzzard i saw.
Hornchurch are playing Canvey tomorrow,need a wn,hopefully they can turn up as been a bit jekyll and hyde of late,talkng of late,i am shattered,hence the short post,anyway,heres some recent photos!!!