Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Been a long time Folks

Morning all,its been well over a month since my last entry on here.I haven't neglected the blog,just havent really had time to post on here,plus my computer is absolutely knackered and i don't have the money to get it fixed,plus putting entries on via my i phone is time consuming and hurts ones eyes.
My birding has also suffered lately,but this is usual for me to take a couple of weeks break from mid feb as i tend to over do it the first few weeks of a new year.Not much to add to my year list,had 2 Red Kites over the M25 near the M40 and then another 2 further down the M40 towards London,hopefully these birds are extending their range,funny really as i dreamt last night we had a population over Bonnetts Wood,odd!!
As for Bonnetts,i have only been there twice in the last few weeks,neither time did i have anything of any real interest,going to try and get over there next week to see how spring is kicking in there.
The Other two reasons for my lack of birding are AFC Hornchurch who until last nights defeat at Hendon FC who play at Wembley Fc we had been doing quite well,snatching a draw in the last minute on Saturday against Leaders Sutton United,who for some reason decided to all go mental after the game as they didn't like it,ensuring that a bit of non league footy violence ensued,pathetic really but it was something to talk about.The other reason is that i have been busy getting my Private hire Licence and yesterday Bought a Renault Trafic Sport Passenger 9 seat vehicle as i will be starting up my own Luxury minicab service called Direct Car Services.I will be focusing on Airport Runs,Theatre Runs,Sporting Runs etc etc but will also do the local stuff as well,at least until the Airport side of things is Booming.Should get my Operators Licence through in the next 3/4 weeks so once i do you will see the name DIRECT CAR SERVICES Plastered everywhere.Speak to you all soon.

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