Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Bit windy last night and today,hazardous for driving,especially around the poxy M25 which always seems to have a higher proportion of wankers on it than any other road in harsh weather.
Because of work,i haven't really done much Birding today,at least not getting out of my vehicle to look for birds but there have been a few highlights anyhow!!!
My first job was at a local school picking up youngsters and taking them to mile end college.I arrived 20 minutes early and parked up overlooking the school field.I have always liked school playing fields,used to spend most of my youth on them playing football and i would often see all sorts of birds hanging around.In the half hour or so i was waiting,i saw a few different species from 50c Black Headed Gulls,2 Herring gull and a Lesser Black back gull.Star bird was a lovely Mistle thrush with 16 fieldfare,2 redwing and a Green Woodpecker.A Kestrel hovered over the school.Other birds were 6 greenfinch in a neighbouring garden along with 14 House Sparrows and a robin bullying everyone as per usual.
After dropping the kids off at Mile End i made my way through North London (past the emirates) onto Luton Airport,i had a bit of time to spare so stopped off at the Services where i was rewarded with my first Common Buzzard of the year overhead,very large bird,not my last of the day as i managed another 8 on my way upto Luton,then 3 on the way back.Only surprise is that it has taken me 5 days to get it on my year list,such is the explosion of buzzards in the south east the last 10 years.
After getting back from Luton i had a bit of household shopping to do,off to rainham tescos i went and 15 minutes later after an express shop i was on my way home.Had Alice done the same shopping trip it would of taken an hour or so because they walk around dilly dallying,get in,get out,thats my moto.
Driving back through the lanes didnt reward me with anything other than a couple of Mute swans on Berwick Ponds and some Canada geese and the usual wildfowl on the reservoir.
Am currently cuddled up with Princess Isla on the bed,she is very cuddly lately and last week she told me she loved me for the first time,and i love her too
Here is a picture of me and her last night

A Work of Art,shame i look a bit ropey,excuse my nipple!!!

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