Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Still no Bittern.......Yet

Got up bright and early this morning,refreshed after a good nights sleep (the first for a while,despite feeling like poo before i slept).I left home about 7.30am and headed for Berwick Ponds in the Ingrebourne Valley to,amongst other things see if any Bitterns were around.Was cold this morning but nowhere near as cold as it was earlier in the week.Despite the weather reports,well some,saying it would rain this morning i am pleased to say i stayed dry.I stayed stationary for an hour or so waiting and waiting and waiting but nothing,a few grebes,ducks and fly over linnets,finches,tits and 15 siskins.This time last year i had seen Bittern 4 times at the site,maybe it was because of the harsh weather we had,this year its much more settled with just the odd cold morning,more like autumn than mid winter but definatly easier to get up and out in the morning when its like this.I decided to walk to the other side of the reeds,risking upsetting the usually miserable anglers but luckily there were none around.I did have a nice Little Owl at the corner of the lake and a song thrush in full voice was also nice.As Alice had a driving lesson at 10,i had to go back and look after nipper who made me watch Dumbo for the 50th or so time this week,then it was off to do the weekly shopping via my mums where i had to complete a bit of paperwork for a new customer,fingers crossed.
I went back out at around 1pm for a quick job,on the way back i had another quick look at the ponds before heading off to Launders Lane and the aggregate site which i found out about,but by now it was raining so i just sat in the car for a while,waiting for it to stop,which it didn't so i just watched from the car.I had 38 Greylag geese in the distance which came from the reservoir,one looked good for white front but it was too distant to 100% confirm but one has been seen with the greylags so its very probable.Also had 18 linnets,Green Woodpecker,a couple of rooks and 8 goldfinch,hope to give this site a bash soon as there are some pits to the back and not sure how much it is watched or if i can even view them,got to be worth a ramble though.
Have no work tonight until 12.30 when i have to pick the missus up from London,hopefully they will decide to get the train home early so i can get an early night and get up early to go to two tree island for the crack of dawn,then back for lunchtime to pick a few lads up and then off to Bury St Edmunds to watch Hornchurch pick up 3 valuable points towards their promotion push,number one striker is suspended but i hope we can repeat our 3-1 victory there last season,tomorrow

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