Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Back on my feet again

Finally got this plaster cast off after nearly 4 weeks.I know i should of had it on longer but i can't drive with it on and need to earn some money,so i have persuaded them to give me a boot,which i can take off and exchange for an ankle support when i drive.Seems ok to drive with the support,no real pain but the big test will be Friday when i take some customers to Norfolk,saying that,at least it gives me the excuse to maybe visit the odd birding site,albeit briefly!!!
Today,once onto my support i visited Broadfield Farm and had my first proper bit of birding for 4 weeks,albeit just a brief session.I found a Lesser Whitethroat,7 Whitethroats,2 Swallows,Bullfinch,2 Willow Warbler,3 Chiffchaffs and all the usual suspects,not bad considering i don't think i went more than 500 yards from the visitor centre and i wasn't actually planning on doing any birding,just fancied going over to say hello to the lovely ladies over there!!!!!
I came home to find our brand new bed was ready,comfort at last.Isla has taken to it already,she has the hump because she no longer has a new bed and we do have,bless.
Isla is having proper conversations with us now,albeit some very wierd ones but enjoyable.She jumped into the bath with me tonight,very odd child,has a fascination with baths,obviously doesn't get that from me and while in there tonight exclaimed that "islas swimming like a fish"not sure where it come from but was quite funny.
Once she had gone to bed i popped over to Bonnetts wood and had my first cuckoo of the year,along with cettis and Great Spotted Woodpecker,2 Whitethroat and a Mistle Thrush.
Should be able to get out for an hour or so tomorrow,have a few places i wouldnt mind visiting,Cranham Marsh,Bradwell to name a couple but will probably stick to Thames chase and its footpaths for the next few days as its easy to walk over.
Tomorrow night also sees the Play off Semi Final between my beloved AFC Hornchurch and Bury Town,winner goes into the final which is on Bank Holiday Monday,we deserve to win in my opinion simply because we have been the better side this season,but play offs don't work like that and Bury have beaten us both times so far,albeit against the run of play in the home game and a bit luckily away.Come On Hornchurch.....

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