Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Sunday, 22 April 2012

First Hirundine

A week or so,i saw a Sand Martin from my bedroom window,but it was so brief and quite dark at the time that i didn't bother claiming it,although i knew i had seen it,it was from flight only and more judged on shape.Today i had what i am classing as my first Hirundine a House Martin,flying past my bedroom window and then landing across the road on my neighbours roof,job done.Had a few bits on the feeders,A great Spotted woodpecker,Greenfinches,Tits and a Coal tit again.Need to get out birding again soon,not just sitting on a bench over Thames Chase watching the feeders but actually walking somewhere,fresh air,spending time watching birds,its only been 3 weeks but 3 weeks is far too long at this time of the year.
I am back at the Hospital in the morning and if they decide to put me in another cast for however long i think i will go mad,the ankle seems to be healing and i hope that i can get some sort of support which allows me to walk a few hundred yards at a time and to drive again,although i may leave it a couple of weeks before driving again,despite needing to earn money through work.
As for football,i am over us not winning the league,still dissapointed but although i think we are the best on our day,i don't think you can lose to 3 of the bottom 5 and expect to win the league,poor form at times has cost us,maybe one too many egos as well but hopefully they can come to the fore in the play offs and do the job for us,we have home advantage,probably in both games should we win the Semi final and although our away form for 85% of the season has been fantastic its our home form of late which has actually been a bit better.
We have relegated Leatherhead at Home on Saturday,so win that and we will definatly finish 2nd which is way above our expectations at the start of the season but still dissapointing all the same as we could of won it with a decent run in April.
The premier league threw up a surprise or two today with West Brom beating Liverpool at Anfield,happy days lol and Man United possibly throwing the title away with a 4-4 draw against Everton who to be fair i thought were the better side.
Anyway,a reasonably early night again tonight as i am at the hospital at 9am in the morning,i hope by 9.30-9.45 that i am castless and able to start doing stuff again,although judging bu the weather this forthcoming week i may not be doing too much birding unless i can drive somewhere with bird hides.Fingers Crossed for the morning


  1. Hey man, have you escaped from the cast yet?

    Nice one on the House Martin, haven't had a sandy yet, but saw two swallows pass my window this afternoon.

  2. Alright dude,no,am at hospital in the morning,hopefully get some support on,need to go back to work and more importantly birding lol.Am going to stress to them that a cast will limit me too much and although i can go another 2 weeks without working i think a cast is actually not helping as it seems to be hurting too much.I took it off the other day,it looks fine and i am getting no pain although i am under no illusions its 100%