Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Been very busy over the first week of Easter.Mainly work but have had some time for my two favourite pastimes,Birding and Football.
Birdwise i have had an indifferent week or so over at Broadfield farm.
A very early Garden Warbler was heard and seen ever so quickly darting into a bush but despite it constantly calling i couldn't see it or get a pic,another observer,without knowing i had the bird in the morning,heard the bird in roughly the same spot in the afternoon.
A muntjac was seen Saturday morning when i went round with Denis,Steve and another person whose name i have forgotten,sorry.
Chiffchaff males seem to be numbering around the 15-20 mark and we have at least 3 male Willow warblers on site,thats about it for the spring migrants although i am sure we are only a couple of days away from a few more arriving.
We have feeders on site now,just outside the visitor centre,hopefully they will attract some good birds to them,so far we have had Great tit,Blue Tit,Greenfinch,Goldfinch, and a Yellowhammer but in small numbers and very very sporadic.
Hornchurch have won their last 3 games and are back in the hunt for the title,2 points behind leaders Billericay and are playing them at 3pm tomorrow (monday) at home,should be a crowd of around 1500 for this one and if we win we will be favourites to lift the title and head to the conference south.Hopefully we will but who knows.COME ON YOU URCHINS

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