Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 20 April 2012

Thames Chase & my poxy Plaster Cast

Last night,while sleeping on my own and dreaming of beating Lowestoft in the play off final,i was awoken from my dream by the missus who decided she was going to join our bed again after 3 nights of sleeping in the nippers bed to give me space for my ankle.Once i am awake it is difficult for me to get back to sleep,made ten times worse by having this nagging pain in my poxy ankle and this hidious cast i have to wear which is supporting my ankle,fckng monstrosity.What really pissed me off about being woke up was Hornchurch were 3-1 up with a minute left and all this without Martin Tuohy our star striker who had been left out of the side after the Sun had exposed him for roasting Danielle Lloyd along with Lewis Smith,who actually played.One thing that stood out for me about the dream,apart from the goals was that although we played at home,we was outnumbered by the Lowestoft fans,which doesn't surprise me with our paltry support this season.
Anyway,after being woken up,i thrashed around the room at 2am,with the arse ache,tried to get back to sleep,couldn't,went downstairs for a fag,came back,tried to go to sleep,couldn't,then tore my cast off my leg as it was fckng irritating me too much,i then sat there for 10 minutes,my leg feeling fresh and happy.Alice put the cast back on and wrapped me back up and off to sleep i went.Didn't dream about Hornchurch after that,just me ram raiding tescos and sainsburys,happy days.
This morning,me,alice and the Nipper were taken to Thames Chase Forest Centre by Alices mum,on arriving i ordered the customary Bacon Baguetter,Pot of Tea and sat down looking for my feathered friends.Being limited to anything other than walking,i have to sit on the bench with my leg stretched and try to take pictures of birds but if theres none on the feeders,i ain't getting no fckng pictures.A kestrel was about as exciting as it got and i did take some pictures but i can't be arsed to download them so you won't be seeing them today.I also heard 2 Willow warbler,some chiffchaffs but without being able to walk anywhere i aint going to see much.Bumped into Dennis Tuck who had a mallard on the scrape,not quite the waders we are after but a start.After a while my leg started hurting a bit so off we went home but not before the missus had bought nipper her first proper pair of Binoculars,only wished she knew how to use them properly.

A big Hello to all my new readers,i have been particularly busy with people reading my blog today,with fans of wealdstone and Conference South Football taking a particular interest in my last blog entry,not really sure why but i seem to have annoyed one or two,get in.Up the Hornchurch as we travel to Harrow Tomorrow.

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