Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hornchurch,Arsenal & bugger all else to be honest.

Quite a short one tonight,i think.
Hornchurch lost 1-0 to Harrow,i didn't go,i was going,left the house to go but after last weeks fiasco on the coach,the one space on the coach that i could of sat in comfort with leg room was taken up by a club official who wouldn't sit elsewhere and the physio has to sit with him,i thought fuck off.Doubt i will be getting on the official coaches anymore to be honest and i fucking organise the things.From now on,i run my 8 seater to the games,take the fans who want to come with me,and theres plenty and the club can take the rest,including those who are so fucking important that they can't give up their comfortable seat for someone with a broken ankle,their loss,i will make money at each away game.
Anyway,i spent the afternoon at my mums watching Arsenal (my other team),in what was a pretty dour affair at the Emirates or The Library as its commonly known by other fans,mainly because its full of city types,women and kids who seem to show as much passion as a wet squid,please sit down seems to be the most common thing through most of their lips rather than actually bothering getting behind their fucking team.
When we used to go (had a season ticket for around 20 years) at least people sang,but no more it seems.
Anyway,back to Hornchurch,them losing and Billericay winning means they are now Champions,deserved as they have the points on the board but i feel we fucked it up in all honesty and it goes back to one dark february night when a player threw his toys out the pram,or at least it does in my books.We go into the play offs in about as much form as Tottenham,with all the talent in the world but nothing really going for us of late,who knows though,may as well turn up to the games.Will see if i am slightly more inspired tomorrow when i wake up!!!

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