Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Rainham Riverside with my crap lense

Took a little trip down to RSPB Rainham Marshes yesterday.I only really went to get a cheeky sausage roll from the visitor centre,they may be a bit over priced but they are nice.They didn't have i settled for a sausage Sandwich anyhow,not as nice,but still not bad.
Obviously i took my bins,scope and camera with me so decided on a walk along the Sea wall,anyone who knows rainham,knows its not really the sea,although it is tidal and it has a wall,thefore its the sea wall.
A couple of hour stroll turned quite productive with a few Black tailed godwits,redshank,an oystercatcher and a grey plover on the kent side,a year tick for me.I also had rock,water and Meadow pipit but due to my camera being a pile of poo,well the lense anyway,most of my shots came out blurry,think i need to out this poxy sigma lense in favour of a nikon one,problem is i don't really have Nikon money at the moment.
Anyway,have some pony pictures from yesterday,these are the best of a bad bad bunch/.
May sod off back to rainham in a minute for another sausage roll,expect more crap photos


  1. Some nice birds there! I don't find a problem with the Sigma 150-500mm if that's what you use. Here are two links so you can see what it can do. What modes do you use?

  2. cheers for the pics,i think sometimes in bad light i think it should be performing better,gave everything a bit of a clean last night and it seems a bit better today,thanks.
    I use aperture priority,shoot j peg fine