Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bonnetts Owl Please

One is becoming extremely frustrated at the inability of the local Barn Owl population to turn up at Bonnetts Wood at the same time as my good self.Ok,because of work,i've not been able to get over there as much as i was earlier in the year but when i do these naughty little creatures seem to avoid me at all costs.I know they are there or there abouts,i have seen one on site a few times but not for a while,although i have seen at least two birds within a mile or so of each other,ironically on the same journey,one flying towards bonnetts and another about 2 minutes later around Belhus woods,and no they were not the same bird,i was going too fast for them to catch me.While these views are lovely,i want to see it perched on a post or Quatering in the fields on or overlooking Bonnetts,perhaps i need to spend a bit less time working and more time birding,i wish!!
Anyway,in my short spell at Bonnetts tonight there was quite a bit of activity,plenty of winter thrushes are now on site with 16 redwings,11 fieldfare and 2 mistle thrush seen,also i had a kestrel hovering over the field and 2 snipe flushed from the field,if i had better footwear on i may of wandered further in the hope of Woodcock which are regular in winter on the site.A Buzzard came over the site and dissapeared towards my house and 27 parakeets headed south towards Parklands.It then got a bit too cold & dark for my liking so i went home to get ready for my next job.
Earlier in the day,well at 4am i got up to find what must of been the tail end of the overnight storm,not as much destruction as i thought there would be and the Dartford Bridge was open,which i didn't think was a good idea in the strong winds but it was fine,i got back around 11,ready to take my two girls to the Hutton residence in leafy Pilgrims Hatch,on the way there we encountered a large herd of Roe Deer in the fields around Weald park,isla seemed taken with them shouting bambi and then thumper???? is there any connection between the two??
On picking the girls back up from the Huttons,a handyman was on hand (Jennys Dad) putting back up the stairgate that Isla had ripped off the wall,the little hooligan,A Buzzard was seen over the field at the end of Ed's road,In Lincolns lane,was 6 Red Legged Partridge,a little further up the field i thought i saw a Grey Partridge,unfortunately i couldn't stop to check a definate ID but i currently have no work in the morning,so i guess i will be heading over that way to have a look as they are pretty much non existant in Southern Essex and it would be a good record,fingers crossed for the morning!!!

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