Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Birds but no Birding

Still haven't really had any time for Birding yet,although off to Dungeness and surrounding areas Monday with the legend that is Howard Vaughan and those crazy Boozy Birders,wonder if there will be any Pendulines knocking about,am sure these storms may ship in the odd unusual sighting or two.
Got up at 6.30am as i had to take someone from China back to Heathrow,picked him up at 7.15 from Brentwood Station and had the usual 2 hour plus trip round the wonderful M25,what a cracking road,only in this country could we add an extra lane,not bother tarmacing in it,and leave potholes all over the road,i bet the IOC are really looking forward to coming to this forward thinking country next Summer.......NOT.
Anyway,getting round the M25 around junction 22 (st albansish) i had 2 buzzards in the air,quite early in the day,was probably not later than 8.30am but they seemed to be enjoying themselves in the wind!
About 40 minutes later i (sorry we) were rewarded with a lovely Red Kite around Gerrards Cross,an increasingly regular sight,that you probably wouldnt of seen 10/15 years ago,definatly not 30 years ago,welcome back my friend.
Another piece of good news is that apart from the Birds,i may of just converted our first Chinaman to AFC Hornchurch,he certainly seemed interested in our probable Wembley visit in the FA Trophy,of course once  we have taken care of Farnborough Saturday and the rest of the Non League in the next 4/5 rounds,come on Hornchurch,you can do it.
On leaving Heathrow,i headed southbound to sunny Lakeside for a spot of Christmas Shopping,not for anyone else but for me,nice warm coat and a nice pair of waterproof lined trousers,perfect for the Boozy Birders Trip to Norfolk in the first week or January,will be good to get my year list off with a bang.
1 Shop was enough for me so i headed home about Noon,as i was washing up i looked out the window to see the Little Owl sitting on my garden wall,looking over the Pub Car Park,although i live in a town its not the most unusual place for Owls,we have Tawny heard regularly and both barn & short eared Owl have been seen within a mile of here,it also helps to have farmland all around and the Ingrebourne Valley across the road,i assume that the Grey Wagtail i had on my garage roof had come from there.This evening i went to work,earned a bit of dollar and narrowly missed a Badger on the way home in Ockendon,back off to Heathrow tomorrow afternoon although i am sure Alice has a trip to Tesco's in store for me beforehand.

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