Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Monday, 22 October 2012

Bradwell on Sea-Weird!!

Today i Visited Bradwell on Sea on the Essex Coast,famous for Bradwell power station and Bradwell Bird Observatory,sadly the latter seems to be in a state of some disrepair but i am glad to say that this seems not to of had a negative effect on the birds,and nor should it.
I left home about 9.30am with the overnight fog lifting and arrived at Bradwell around 50 minutes later with the Dense Fog still clinging to the coast.It was the first time i had ever been there before,i didf attempt to go a year or so ago but upon pulling up it started snowing heavily so i decided to go home.This time it was thick fog,i have no idea what the place really looks like,which is probably good as it gives me a reason to go back pretty soon.
On arriving i parked up and walked the half mile or so down to the Church,on the way down i saw a few Redwings fly over,no doubt just come in from europe as most of the birds around this site probably have.The main reason for me going was to catch the Yellow Browed Warbler,i did almost immediately around the car park of a religious centre/cult which is on site,but despite seeing it early on,it dissapeared before i got my camera set up,despite 4 hours of searching and the odd call from the same area,it never returned for a shot.
Almost straight after this i had a Black Redstart,in a similar area,there were good numbers of Goldcrest,Chiffchaffs and some very big finch flocks with siskins thrown in,straight off the North sea.
I then decided to walk along the Sea wall,i couldnt see naff all as there was fog but there was some streange buildings and a very strange presence about the place.It may just of been the fog but the church and area date back to Roman times when a fort was built to protect the Romans from Saxon raiders and the church is from around AD600 and at times you could of sworn you was back in those times.
I decided to go home around 3pm but not before i found some more buildings which looked like being the person who originally looked after the OBS house,not sure i would of fancied living there at times,especially in the Fog.Just as i walked back to the church,out of nowhere a Short Eared Owl appeared almost straight in front of me,i got a few shots but it was so sudden they werent very good.On the way back to the car i had Kestrel,Pheasant and Red Legged Partridge alongt with a Reed Bunting,but by now it was so foogy i couldnt see more than 10 yards in front of me.Will definately get back to this site,hopefully in next week or so to try to get YBW pics and really have a good look around,if you fancy coming with me,let me know,not sure i want to go on my own again lol

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