Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Guess where I am???

Ok,some of you probably already know,due to me posting pictures of birds with red breasts (not robins) and blue tails.Yes,I am once again in sunny foggy Norfolk.
Just a quick entry tonight (am good at those)
Got up here around 7.30am and made my way To Stiffkey camp woods,East of Wells,got straight on the Red Flanked Bluetail,lifer,cracking bird,unfortunately because I am in Norfolk I can't upload them onto my log for some reason so those who don't follow me on twitter or Facebook will have to wait till I get home and do a report tomorrow night,I am on Flickr but don't know how you find me lol.
From there,me and Simon,who I met at the Bluetail "twitch" headed to Kelling where we had around 300 Bramblings,as many if not more Redwing,field fares,blackbirds,thousands of Robins were on the coast,we had Redpolls,Siskins other large finch flocks,tons of goldcrest,around 20 Ring Ouzels
I knew it would be a good day as the first 3 birds I saw on my way up to Norfolk were Barn Owl,Little Owl the Ring Ouzels.
We then headed to Salthouse and Gramborough hill,famous for migrants but by the time we got there things seemed to have quietened down somewhat,we still had Bramblings,ring ouzel,reed buntings,chiffchaffs and usual stuff but not in great numbers.
From there we visited Cleys East bank to try to photo bearded tits but we only had 2 high up in the sky,also Marsh Harrier was seen.
After this we headed across the road to Walsey hills where we had a few bits,Coal tits,blue tits,chiffchaffs but not of much else,Simon had to o so we went our separate ways,I went for a little stroll and heard a bullfinch and saw Kestrel and Ring ouzel along with a small flock of Bunting.
After this I headed to Cley beach where I had around 50 scoters with a couple of velvets in there,2 Red throated divers,6 gannets and Short eared owl over the marsh.
Back out again in the morning,hopefully to nail some more migrants

Night all

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