Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Weddings & local birding

Weddings and local bindings aren't usually subjects that go and in hand but today that's exactly what's got upto.
It was my friend Sally's sisters wedding and I was taking the brides mother,siter and bridesmaids from the house,to the church and then onto the venue.
The church was St Peters in the Forest,near Whipps cross in East London,on the edge of Epping Forest and seeing as the wedding would last an hour or so I thought I would have a little wander into the forest,albeit a small patch of forest and I only stood on the edge due to me being suited up.
I thought I would see quite a bit but the reality of these forests is that they don't quite see the numbers of birds you would expect due probably to being surrounded by housing estates and dual carriageways,even so,I saw Great,Blue and Long Tailed Tits,chaffinch,Brambling and Goldfinch x 10,song thrush and jays,apart from this,not too much but worth a look.Another couple of miles further north in the forest you could probably add another 20 species in the same time.
Anyway,once the wedding was finished and I was done ferrying people around I decided to have a brief walk over Thames Chase,Pike Lane,this is the site that I am Wildlife liaison officer for thir Wildlife Group.After having one of their tasty Bacon baguettes and a couple of choc chip cookies I decided on a stroll.While up in Norfolk I sampled some of the best migration periods I have ever seen but these birds,mainly the Thrushes don't seem to have made it own to South Essex yet,certainly not n any notable numbers.
While walking around for 45 minutes or so I had an impressive 3 Buzzards,2 Kestrels,Sparrowhawk,some small flocks of Greenfinch,chaffinch and a single Brambling,the Thrushes totalled 3 single Redwings,nothing else.
4 Pied Wagtail were around the centre and that was about that for the day.
Should see a bit more tomorrow,am taking a group up to the Suffolk coat with Howard Vaughan of RSPB Rainham,a good man in a crisis,he can spot,hear and identify a bird a mile off,just h let of man you want when looking for rare migrants!!!


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