Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Monday, 3 December 2012

Monday Blues

After a non birding Weekend,i woke up today to find wet weather dominating Upminster.I didnt get up till around 11am as i was working all night,i decided on a visit to Thames Chase,mainly for a sausage or bacon baguette,i ended up having both.I was just intending on going there to watch the feeders as the weather was dire but after eating my breakfast/lunch/brunch the weather starting making a somewhat dramatic recovery,armed with a belly full of meat and bread i decided on a walk to look for Waxwings as i hope we get some on site,didn't see any but did hear one fly over while i was in the woods,couldn't locate it though.
There was a very big flock of Siskin around,numbering 52 and a smaller "flock" of 6,can you call 6 a flock??? when does a group become a flock? I had 3 Redpolls but could hear more in the Alders behind me,although they didn't sound l;ike a big group.Redwing numbers were still good although i didn't really check the whole site,will do that tomorrow when i should be over all day.
I had 3 Bullfinches in total,2 i saw flying and another heard.Fieldfare numbers were low on the site,only saw 3 but had around 50 in the field on Pike Lane before i got on site.Green Woodpeckers were numerous as always with 5 recorded.Goldcrests were about today but couldn't get any shots of them,didn't get any birds of prey today.
I have started a list for the birds sighted on the feeders,situated outside the Cafe in the Visitor Centre,the list isn't that impressive so far but i hope to add a few birds in the next few weeks,so far it reads :-

Long Tailed Tit
Blue tit
Great tit

Not the most impressive of lists but its a start,hopefully i won't be the only one to be watching the feeders,but i hope we can add to the list,also add the amount of feeders we have up,but we do need donations of either hanging feeders and food to help us.
Tomorrow i am going to give the site a really good bash,need to get over the other side of the motorway,if i can get through the tunnel (the water in the stream shouldn't be too high then),to see what the thrush numbers are like on that side.Didn't get any decent photos today,or saturday but i am going to show you some of them,including some crap ones of one of the local Buzzards Saturday.

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