Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Waxwings delight

Didn't manage to go birding as such this morning,mainly due to it being frozen when i woke up,which enabled me to stay in bed for a bit longer than expected,then i had to nip down to Southend Airport to pick some people up,luckily for me though i received a call from Howard Vaughan alerting me to the fact that there were now 19 Waxwings at Cosco Lakeside,feeiding on the pyracantha so i picked the missus and nipper up around 11am from Mother and Toddlers and hot footed it down there quickly before we took Isla to see Fake Santa at his Fake grotto in South Ockendon,she seemed to enjoy it,although she was a bit shy.Not sure why we continue to lie to our children about Santa,he isn't real,get over it.....When they are older we tell them to tell the truth while openly lying to them while they are small,makes no sense to me!!!
Anyway,back to the Waxwings,19 sitting in Coscos car park,make for 200 odd photos in a few minutes,my only hope is that a couple came out good,should do as they weren't more than 15 feet away at any given time.Anyway here are some photos,once i have gone through them.
Good luck to Arsenal tonight against Bradford in the Quater final of the carling cup,think they will need it the way they have been playing.
Photos aren't brilliant to be honest

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  1. :) you Grumpy old bastard :) of course he exists