Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Stop Buzzardtime!

Just a quickie,oo er missus.
My plan on going to Thames Chase all day was thwarted by news of a Long Tailed Duck at Grangewaters lake,about 3 miles from me,so after work this morning,and a cheeky nap i decided to go down there.I arrived in the lane to find it closed due to a dispute amongst the travelling community down there,stopping cars going through,although i wasn't about to ask why,may swerve this site in future,too much aggro imo,nice lake for wintering ducks but i quite value my car,its my livelihood.
I decided to go to Thames Chase after all but didn't actually make it as i was occupied half a mile or so away by a Buzzard,then 2 Buzzards and then a 3rd,not sure if there was a fourth but there seemed to be,never saw more than 3 together although 2 were over one field in the air and another was over another field,i had another one on another field which i thought was a different bird but not 100%.
Would of liked to get better shots but the lanes are tight and you cant always pull over where you want,may try again tomorrow.
Got footy tonight,away at Canvey Island,going out on the lash beforehand so may spout drivel when i get in on here,apologies now fotr any garbage i put on here,Come on Hornchurch,South Essex is ours!

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