Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 28 January 2011

Bonjour Franckie

Started the day off watching Tennis with the Nipper,watching the Super Scot Andy Murray win in 4 sets.The missus was shopping and then she had to go to the doctors as she has now been diagnosed with Tonsilitus,so thats two of us on penicilin at the moment,albeit mine is more serious as i stand to lose a tooth.
I popped over Bonnetts Wood after lunch,which consisted of a bit of Jerk Chicken from Tescos,nice chicken but not much Jerk in it.
On arriving at Bonnetts i decided to head back to the Wooded area i found yesterday,2 wood pigeons and a Goldfinch was all that i saw on what became an occuring theme for the Afternoon.On coming out the woodland i took some pictures of the Reeds,or lack of them.I am no expert on reedbeds and although these are only small,very small in fact,the have held Reed,sedge,Grasshopper & cettis warbler in the past although unless they spring back up they won't be holding anything this spring.

I don't know if anyone reading this knows if the reedbeds will recover but if you do let me know.In some pictures they look quite thick but i can assure you they are not.
I decided after this to go to scan the fields as i didn't have long left,about an hour,apart from 3 Stock dove,a couple of Greenfinch,2 Chaffinch,tits and a Goldcrest my bird of the day was 2 House Sparrows,only my second for the site and a year tick for the site.I went home to find out that The Mighty Hornchurch have signed a Frenchman who goes straight into the squad for tomorrows game,Francky Koudaya who has played for Huddersfield town & accrington Stanley this season already,quite exciting really,if you are not doing anything tomorrow pop down to see if the chap is any good.£9 is a good bargain.May get a bit of birding in early before football tomorrow but will wait and see.

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