Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Monday, 31 January 2011

Dartford or Bust

Got up a bit later than i had liked this morning but within 20 minutes of waking i was up and out,off to the Ingrebourne Reservoir to see the possible ring necked duck hybrid reported yesterday.It was very easy to find as a couple of birders were already there and dave and gerry put me onto it straight away,we had good views of the bird and stayed there for a good 40 minutes,we also had 4 White fronted Geese on the reservoir along with Pochards,tufted ducks,Great Crested grebe to name a few.I also had a Yellowhammer on the southern edge of Bonnetts wood when i was parking the car to get to the Reservoir.It got me thinking that when the extension of Bonnetts wood is complete,it may give good views over the reservoir,giving more birds to see.
I then decided to head to Ripple NR where a Dartford Warbler has been seen for the last two days but on arriving there it was obvious it could be a bit of hard work as there is some work going on and it was very noisy.

I have never been there before but it is a lovely little site surrounded by houses and on one side a road which runs next to marshland and then the Thames.We didn't see the bird but had a nice walk round and saw a few birders,all looking for the Dartford.Birds we did see were good numbers of Tits,blackbirds,robins,chaffinch,magpies,pigeons a couple of Wrens and Great Spotted & Green Woodpeckers.After an hour or so i left as i had to get home.After lunch we took the nipper out to the swings,she seemed to enjoy herself on the swing as you can see.

After that we went for a drive,seeing a Peregrine first then off to Thorndon CP where we were lucky enough to see a Tawny Owl through the woods onto a post,a cracking bird and a new one for me this year.Margate at home tomorrow night in the Ryman Premier League but i hope to get a bit of birding done in the day first,may pop back to Barking and have a good 2-3 hours over there this time.

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