Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ooooor Kestrel Manouveres in the semi dark

Woke up bright and early,cold free or at least my body was.The missus phoned in sick at work as the nipper still hasn't shaken off her cold and we are taking her back to the doctors at lunch time because she has what sounds like a smokers cough (she doesn't smoke,she is 10 months old)
While they were both still asleep i decided to sneak over to Bonnetts Wood before first light to see if any late night owls were just getting home after a night out on the tiles.No such luck but i did have a few other birds in the 2 and a half hours i was over there.The first bird i had was a Kestrel on the telephone post which then flew up and hovvered over the long grass,it dissapeared not to be seen again for an hour or so,probably had a bit of brekkie.This was followed by 3 cormorants in the space of a minute flying towards parklands.I then had 3 Green woodpeckers and a lovely Song thrush,the same bird as yesterday i would assume.I then had 21 Ring Necked Parakeets,obviously also going to Parklands where they seem to annoy the local residents with their constant squawking.
2 redwings flew over followed by 3 fieldfare.There were plenty of Jays around,i saw at least 5 and heard another couple.In the distance over the fields were 30-40 black headed gulls.I moved further along by the stream,below are a couple of photos from this morning,somewhat different to last night lol

Other birds seen were 4 greenfinch,4 Chaffinch,blue tits,great tits,2 moorhen,lovely large Female Sparrowhawk,3 Rooks,Great Spotted Woodpecker and a few Rabbits.I ventured down to the pond (above) and there was a Heron there although i am pretty sure there is no Fish in the Pond.
After this i went down to the back field where i had another 12 fieldfare and 8 long tailed tits
18 Stock Doves flew over towards the tip.2 Mute Swans flew towards and over the tip and i had in the distance 2 Shoveler which landed in some woodland where there is a small pond,the first i have seen at the sight.6 Snipe flying over was my final birds for the morning and a good way to finish.
Anyway off to take the nipper to the Doctors,although she seems to have livened up this morning and is crawling round the flat saying her new groovy catchphrase of "whooosthat" whenever she looks at a photo of anyone,once down at the doctors i am off to Rainham Marsh RSPB for the afternoon with Graham Thomlinson (father of Hornchurch Legend Andy Thomlinson),laters for now...

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