Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Its a Peregrine,i tell thee

Spent a few hours over Bonnetts Wood today,in two stints.I started off around 9.30am over there but it was very quiet,in fact it remained very quiet all day,but this doesn't neccesarily mean that there will be nothing over there,as i say,it was quiet this morning but i did still manage 2 kestrels,a Sparrowhawk,Green Woodpecker the usual tits & finches including 22 Long tailed tits,these were actually across the road in gerpins lane,next to the tip,there was alot of birds feeding on the ground including Chaffinch,Greenfinch,blue tits,Great Tits,blackbirds and 1 mistle thrush.I have often seen Sparrowhawk going in here and will be checking it out further.I left Bonnetts around 10.45am and came home.
I have decided to concentrate my Patch list to Bonnetts Wood this year,i will still be doing year lists for Ingrebourne & Rainham but as i may be doing alot of birding in between jobs when i start work i need somewhere where i am only 5 minutes from the car in case i have to dash off to a job.Also i really enjoy it over there and you don't get the amount of dog walkers at Bonnetts as you do Ingrebourne.
I went back over there at 3pm and immediatly bumped into Les Harrison who is another local birder,who has some fantastic shots of birds i have seen.We walked round to the top of the hill as Les was heading back to his car,it was still quiet but we decided to go through the bushes,as soon as we did we flushed a Woodcock out of the bushes,a good year bird for the site.I walked a bit further with Les past the Alders & other trees but nothing else.I carried on on my own and set up scanning the fields,plenty of black headed gulls out on the fields,50 Skylark were flying high.Other birds were 8 Stock Dove,2 moorhen and a pied wagtail.
I then decided to set up for the last half hour or so to look over the fields and trees for any other sightings,maybe the odd Owl.For some reason,i started scanning all over the back of the woods,i usually do this but not as far as i did today,something stood out and straight away i saw a bird,A Peregrine,i watched it for a while before moving towards it by a couple of hundred yards,then i tried to take pictures of it through my i phone and through my scope at 60 magnification but the picture was rubbish.
Anyway,i went home after that,on the way back to the Car i had a lovely goldcrest making it 3 new birds for the day on bonnetts wood,i have started a Website for Bonnetts wood at
to put all my sightings on there.I am not very good with anything technical so if it looks rubbish please let me know,in fact if anyone has any suggestions i would be grateful.

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