Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Pile of poop

I went down to the Bridge tonight to watch the FRIENDLY between AFC Hornchurch and local rivals Romford.We lost 3-0.Played crap although to be honest only had two players who started the game saturday,one of those went off after twenty minutes with a broken arm and tommy black who has not played for a while limped off around the same time.The rest of the team were made up of trialists and players coming back from injury with another couple who are around the first team,it showed as a few of them didn't look bothered.Thats the last time i get excited about a friendly half way through the season.
On a plus note we did raise £75 from the half time travel which goes towards the coach travel for our away game at Cray Wanderers Sunday week,a game i will have to miss because its Alices Birthday.
Popped out about 3.30pm earlier for a bit of birding round the corner where the horses are at Park Farm.
Had a nice Goldcrest(which is good as they don't seem to have suffered too much in our recent cold spell),a Green Woodpecker,18 Long tailed tits,80 fieldfare,23 Redwing and a Mistle thrush.
The aim was to see if i could see any owls lurking about but didn't hold out too much hope and that was the right way of thinking as i heard none.I did however,have an altercation with a lady who said i shouldn't be out standing on the edge of farmland/woodland looking menacing at that time of day as she felt threatend.The only person who was ever in any danger was me as one of her 3 alsatians came charging upto me causing me to slip over,i told her this and the fact that someone with binoculars is usually just doing a spot of birding but she just seemed a stupid cow and i told her so as she was beginning to irritate me once she said that this land,which is also a PUBLIC FOOTPATH is for dog walkers not Birdwatchers.Oh do piss off love!!!!

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