Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Monday, 10 January 2011

New Boots at last

Ventured down to Bonnetts Wood this morning.After yesterday i thought it would be a bit of an anti climax but decided to go down anyway to see if any yellowhammer or ingfisher were about,unfortunatly for me neither were around.I started off in the Car park at Parklands which is across the road from Bonnetts Wood,as i got out the car i heard the squaking of parakeets,i used to enjoy these birds but i now find them somewhat irritating,especially over parklands as they seem to have taken over the place.A make Sparrowhawk then swooped in front of me,hopefully after the Parakeets!!!
I walked the short walk across the road onto Bonnetts wood but it seemed dead,i walked along a little and all i could hear were the usual tits & chaffinch.A kestrel overhead hovering was a nice site,then in the distance i had 14 Red Legged Partridge,very high numbers for the area,have had that amount before over there but not for a couple of years.The highest i had in the area last year was 5,they are probably being bred for shooting.A couple of jays and a mistle thrush were next then 80 fieldfare in the fields in the distance.I decided to go for a walk up onto the old dissused excavation site which runs down to berwick pond road but again zilch.I decided to head back but stopped for a while to see if any kingfisher came along but again zilch.
Went home,tucked into a bit of last nights chinese for lunch,job done.I took alice and the nipper down to be weighed,i thought they would only be 20-30 minutes in there as per usual but an hour and a half later they came out.
Then we went down to lakeside to get me some waterproof boots,can't keep using my wellies,although they are fun at splashing around in.May try the boots out in the morning although i havent decided where to go yet,somewhere coastal me thinks.

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