Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Let's all laugh at Tottenham

Was a funny old weekend with no birding whatsoever due to football and a sick missus.The weekend started with me off to Gatwick early Saturday to pick Gary up who has been on a cruise,we got back around 12 and then over to Hornchurch to watch us beat Horsham,unfortunatly the players didn't read the script and we were beaten 2-0 by a shit team who had 2 shots on goal all game,scoring with both of them.Don't think we have played that bad since we lost 7-1 to tonbridge in October.Got our old friends from Margate coming down to the Bridge on Tuesday and we must win that game.
Today I woke up with the intention of doing a bit of local patch birding but what with alices tonsillitis and the Australian open tennis final being on the birding took a back seat for the first time this year.Murray lost in straight sets and then I remembered Arsenal were playing so I shot down the LT club to watch it with Fingers & Youth along with my Nipper all kitted out in her Arsenal clobber,we won 2-1 and were a bit lucky.Then it was off to see my mum and dad or granny and grumps as they are known to the nipper.Firstly we settled down to watch Man city grab a late equaliser against the mighty notts county,then it was the great ESPN comedy 90 minutes as Fulham smashed the hapless Tottenham tosspurs 4-0,meaning unless the deluded fools win the champions league then their poxy superstition of winning something when the year ends in 1 will have gone tits up again,better luck next year

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