Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 24 February 2012

As quiet as a Mouse

At Broadfield Farm today,well not exactly quiet but nothing like yesterdays madness and because i have only a short amount of time before i have to go back to work its probably for the best that i don't have too much to report.
I wasn't actually there all day,i turned up around 9am for a quick look around,nothing much apart from a few finches and a couple of Green woodpeckers,then i left 45 minutes later for work.I arrived back around 11.30am,made my way to the scrape where after 20 minutes i had seen a solitary Pied Wagtail,on heading back to the visitor centre i took some pictures of starlings,a Corn Bunting was my bird of the day but i failed to get a picture of it as it flew over my head and i couldn't focus on it,in fact my pictures were crap all day which probably had something to do with me finding out at 5pm that i had the wrong setting all day!!!
This afternoon was pretty quiet with the main action being a Buzzard high overhead (yes,i know i said i wouldn't take those sort of photos,but i can't help myself)
After that Ron Colson turned up,good to see the young chap and glad to hear his wife is on the mind,my best wishes to both of them,we went to the scrape where it seemed nothing was doing when i saw the green sandpiper blending in against the mud,then we had a Grey wagtail,the light quality by now was very poor.Will be back over tomorrow,it will probably be busy over there as they do cracking food and it promises to be another warmish,dry day,woop woop

Night all

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