Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dodgy toe

Not going to write much as i have a dodgy toe,causing all sorts of aggro at the moment,think its infected.
Done a bit of birding between jobs today,visiting Thames Chase for the first time for a few days.It was very quiet today with the Green Sandpiper,Grey Wagtail and a Sparrowhawk being the only birds of note.The usual Kestrel was around and many of the winter thrushes have now dispersed the site,no doubt going back to the fields to feed where they were beforehand.No redpolls either,although i didn't really look too hard in all honesty,i spent the first hour or so on the scrape with little reward,i then went for a walk high up over the site scanning the skies with crows,starlings and magpies being the main subjects although a massive female Sparrowhawk was hunting out of the small woodland and into a field,feeding on what looked to be a chaffinch.
As you can see from the picture below,i was quite high up,you can also see that pretty much all the snow has gone,although it is lingering on in a few places,it should all be gone by the weekend
I stayed around the top of the hill for a good half hour,getting views of the surrounding areas towards the hills in Brentwood,over to Basildon and back over to Upminster and the Thames Chase Forest Centre,below:-
While up at the top i had a confrontation with a Fox,it was a funny looking fox with a complete brown body and ginger head,very odd,the confrontation happened when i looked at him,he looked at me,he came closer to me,i moved closer to him,then he buggered off,nice spot on the hill though,only downside is you are only a couple of hundred yards from the M25 but you don't hear it after a while.I made my way back to the centre,via the scrape,which didnt see any more birds apart from a Green Woodpecker sitting on the post,nothing apart from chaffinch in the Alders where the Redpoll & siskins have been,i went home to spend an hour with the missus & nipper before taking some fellow gooners to Stansted so they can travel to Milan for tomorrow nights Champions league match.
On the way back i had a Buzzard in one of the dump pools by the M25/M11 junction and another one over Brook street,the popped down to Pike Lane to look in the fields,once again,very quiet so at 5pm i called it a day and headed home.My toe is causing me severe pain in,well my toe,obviously,although i did put some antiseptic cream on it when i started writing this blog entry some 25 minutes ago and it does feel better,well a bit better anyway.
Hornchurch's game at home to Margate was called off earlier,which is a result for me as i was going to be missing it due to picking someone up from Heathrow in an hour or so,only hope my toe holds up lol

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