Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Sunday, 5 February 2012


This promises to be a crap post in all honesty,as all i have done in the last 24 hours is work,sleep,watch a bit of football and struggle to drive up hills and on Motorways.
Football was cancelled yesterday afternoon,as was all the other games in our League so we remain 2nd a point behind Billericay but with a game in hand.
For those out of the country at the moment or who live in a different country,we had a little bit of snow last night,about 5 inches,it caused mayhem on the roads in and around London as the capitals hapless drivers in their rear wheel drive BMW's with crap tyres clogged up the roads,trying to drive in conditions that were not really that bad if you know how to drive.Don't get me wrong,some roads were only just passable but if you don't have the right equipment,you don't tend to get the right results and last night was a case of this.
It got to one stage about 2am where i was driving up a hill and went past a BMW very slowly,the 3 girls,dressed in mini skirts and high heels,completely unbelievable,completely clueless as to how to drive.
I had 3 people to drop off in Brentwood,they bailed out at the bottom of the hill as the traffic couldn't move because,you guessed it,BMWs were blocking the road.twats.
Got home eventually just after 4am and was woken at 10am by a young lady asking me to take her to North London to which i obliged,only took me 40 minutes to get up there as miraculously our main roads were now clear,not something we are used to in this country,gritters actually doing the job properly!!
Haven't done any birding today,although had around 200 Fieldfare on the A12 near Romford and a Buzzard over Upminster lunchtime,also a nice Coal tit and Redwings in my mums garden.
Watched the chelsea v man utd game today,not a fan of either so a draw about right,no work till late tomorrow night so may get out for a bit of local birding tomorrow if i can,until next time,bye bye

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