Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Five Alive

Just when you think Arsenal are at the depths of despair,they pull out a performance to remind everyone that Spurs are and always will be forever in Arsenals Shadow.In our worst season since the Premier League started and Spurs' best season for around 30 years,we smashed the vile plonkers 5-2,coming from 2-0 down.
As much as my passion for Arsenal has been tested and has somewhat dissapeared to the extent that i don't go anymore because of the rising prices,foreign cheating players(which the English and WELSH are actually better at nowadays) and Sky ruling the roost,my hatred of Tottenham remains at pretty much what it has been throughout my life,i just hate them.
In yesterdays post i forgot to add that AFC Hornchurch beat Kingstonian 2-0 away to remain 2nd,5 points behind pesky Billericay but with two games in hand,Lowestoft lost and are now 5 points behind us with a game in hand,which now means that if we win all our remaining game,we cannot be caught.I have just told the missus this and been told that "i thought you was talking to someone who cared".

Anyway,onto the most important thing at the moment,family aside,birds.
Got up at 4.30 this morning to take Foxy,dalby and their crew Skiing,snowboarding,whatever they are doing.
I got back around 6.30am to find Broadfield Farm open but it was still pretty dark and within ten minutes it was obvious that i needed a bit more sleep so off i buggered,back to bed for another couple of hours.
I got back down there at 9am,not the liveliest of mornings but i still managed 3 Bullfinch.2 Males and a Female,pics below.Other birds were a Cormorant,the odd Siskin,goldfinch and 6 Greenfinch were nice.Jays,Magpies and Green Woodpeckers were their usual noisy self as were the Skylarks who were in full voice and spreading all over the Site now.A Great Spotted Woodpecker didn't oblige with a photo opportunity,nor did the 2 Wren who wizzed in front of me.
I was a bit lax this morning as from about 9.30am my phone didn't stop ringing.
About 11am i made it to the Visitor Centre,for you guessed it,Bacon Sandwich.
Daggsy was on site and just as i ordered my Pot of tea and Bacon Sandwich and sat down with a copy of the Mail on Sunday (only paper left and i only read the sport section),he rings me to say he had stacked it and lost his keys,after a few minutes he found them but i thought i would go and find him to see if he was ok,he was,but later on he told me he was "all stiff" which was quite worrying as he was walking behind me at the time.
On the Scrape we had 2 Snipe,bad photos,1 Grey Wagtail,1 skylark on the banck,4 Pied Wagtail and 3 Linnets.Am hoping that we get some other birds on the Scrape but it really needs a clean up soon as there is far too much rubbish on there and the worse it gets the longer it will take to clear up.
I stopped birding around 1.30pm and watched the Arsenal v Spurs game in the car on my phone,nearly turned off when we went 2 down but glad i carried on watching it.
Then off to Gatwick after the game to pick up a customer of mine,only birds of note were 2 Buzzards over the M25/A22 Junction,giving much better views than any that have come over Thames Chase Recently,who knows,maybe tomorrow will give me a decent shot or two.

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