Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Yellowhammers are Back

Been a strange few days since i last posted.
No further additions to my year list,instead i have been birding locally around the lanes near my house.
This recent phenomenom started Thursday Afternoon when i went for a drive around the lanes and ended up at the little Road off Gerpins Lane,it is a one way lane with a lay by which backs onto the aggregate works which is soon to become part of Bonnetts wood,this work should be complete before the summer and promises to be an exciting addition to a small and nice looking site which does get a few decent birds.
I parked up and noticed a large flock of Finches,the majority were Chaffinch but in with them were small amounts of Goldfinches,Greenfinches,2 Bullfinches.Other birds of Note were:-

14-20 Yellowhammer (i had 14 in view at one time but there were others!!)
10 Siskin
Fieldfare (30)
Redwing (10)

The Yellowhammer were a signifcant record for me,i havent seen that many round here for 3-4 years,just the odd couple of birds,max was 8 about 2 years ago so was well chuffed.

This is where i found them.

They were all in the trees and surrounding bushes and it became clear that a good 200 birds were involved,they were feeding on the ground,seemingly enjoying the bounties available and obviously drawn to the area by the food on offer in the cold weather.

I went back again today for 45 minutes.
Didn't have the same amount of birds,slightly different mix with the Following seen.

Marsh Harrier,over the Reservoir which backs onto the field
48 Greylag Geese
1 Common Buzzards
23 Linnets
12 Siskin
22 Fieldfare
18 Goldfinch
3 Pheasants
2 Greenfinch

I then went off to do a job,after a couple of hours i went back to Gerpins where i had a bigger flock of Linnets,around the 40 mark,difficult to count in bad light.
Snipe flying over was a nice bird.
I then visited the Thames Chase centre for a quick cup of tea.
On entering the centre i noticed a sighting of Green Sandpiper on the Scrape???
I didn't know they had a scrape so i enquired and was told it was new,built by the developers who are making the M25 into 4 lanes,just by the motorway.There is a talk about the ecology of the site on Wednesday at the Thames Chase Forest Centre at 7pm and i will be going to find out whats going down!!!
Snow on its way and i am off to work now,lets hope its only light so i can go birding tomorrow.

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