Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Monday, 27 February 2012

Yellowhammers are us.

Went to Broadfield Farm early this morning after dropping Jan and Rich off at Stansted,despite plenty of searching i couldn't locate the Bullfinches i have seen on recent mornings,having to make do with the odd call deep within the scrub.
Haven't got time to write too much tonight,going out to work in a minute so heres a brief summary:-

Woodland area,near Pike Lane :- c20 Redpoll,6 Siskin,at least 8 Green Woodpeckers,2 Buzzards over,3 Kestrel,10 Greenfinch,goldfinches,3 Wrens,goldcrest

Great Barn :- 8 Yellowhammer,6 Greenfinch,c50 Redwing,8 Fieldfare,plenty of Skylarks,goldfinches,Little Egret

Scrape:- Grey Wagtail,Pied Wagtail,Green Sandpiper

Bumped into a nice couple first thing but i am sorry to say we couldn't locate the Bullfinch despite about 45 minutes of trying,also bumped into Ron Colson and daggsy made a surprise appearance.
On the way out of Broadfield Farm i had a massive Buzzard,very pale individual which could of been mistaken for Rough Legged buzzard (one was reported close by yesterday),although i have seen this individual before and know its Common (buteo buteo as they say in rome lol)

As you can see,there are two pictures that are bird related but not of birds.One is of that famous species the Great Grey Ron Colson,looking for a Green Sandpiper in the distance at the scrape at Broadfield Farm.The other is of a group of dirty twitchers waiting for the Dark Eyed Junco in hampshire a few weeks ago,true to form,i am the one who is looking the opposite way from everyone else,was looking at Crossbills,twitchers don't look at normal Crossbills with the same amount of enthusiasim that i do!!!!!! page 9 of Birdwatch magazine this month,notoriorty at last!!!

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