Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Monday, 20 February 2012

Barn Owl,Barn Owl,Barn Owl oi oi oi

Paid a visit to Thames Chase this afternoon,mainly to see Siskins & Redpolls and to try to get pictures of Redpolls as i got some pictures of Siskins yesterday.
Yesterday i was feeling totally dejected with this whole photography lark when i suddenly had a 45 minute golden spell,i had a flock of around 20 Siskins knocking around for a good 30 minutes and then 2 female Bullfinch on my way back to the centre,below are a few shots from yesterdays birds.I had also been to Stubbers beforehand where i had Scaup and the usual wildfowl there.

As you can see i am still crap at photography,here are todays attempts at the art.

Sorry about the picture of the rat,it was about the car park when i was looking for Owls,which i did manage to see in the form of Barn Owl,unfortunatly for me and you chaps i put my camera away when it went over the barn and by the time i got it out again,the Owl had gone,fckng typical.
The redpoll pictures were taken by positioning myself in the middle of the Alders near the pond,unfortunatly it is very dense in there and hard to get a decent shot,plus i am still crap at keeping my hands still lol

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