Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Spring Sprung

Seeing as i have declared that the start of spring happened last week,today was a good spring day,apart from the wind which made it seem more like winter at times.This morning was glorious though with the birds in full volume,hearing all sorts of finches,thrushes,tits,corvids amongst other things.
I concentrated on the same spot as yesterday,getting a few photos,also looking for the Bullfinch i had seen sunday but with no further luck.
After Lunch i returned to Thames Chase with Garry Bowden and also bumped into Dave Cornwell,nice to have met you Dave,we also visited the Scrape where we had pretty much nothing but a Pied wagtail or Two before i latched on to the Green Sandpiper,hiding against the far bank.
I feel i am beginning to get used to holding the camera but still coming to terms with taking photos,but enjoying it,only thing is it takes up alot of time looking at the photos and working out which of the few valid ones to use lol,got a long way left.
The last hour or so was spent on my own Owl hunting but despite lots of looking,there was no repeat of last nights Barn Owl,back over there for the day tomorrow.
This Mornings Photos,or the best of a bad bunch lol:-

Other things of note were a Stoat with a vole in its mouth,and the usual Rabbits,foxes and a weasel,although i didn't get a photo of the stoat as it was too quick for me and the vole.

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