Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Went to watch Good Old Arsenal beat Newcastle last night at the Emirates with a last minute goal from Tommy Vermaelen,it would of been harsh on Arsenal had they not won as they wasted a fair few chances and now leaves us a point behind the filth from the lane.
It was my first visit to Arsenal for a couple of years,it was good to meet up with lots of old mates and some new ones,thats what i actually miss the most about it,the banter in the pubs before and after and the atmosphere that is sadly lacking nowadays despite the odd gooner trying their hardest to get it going.I am not a fan of all seater stadiums,the Emirates is nice,which just about sums it up,its NICE,its not a football ground like Highbury,Anfield,Old trafford etc etc,you could imagine American Football being played in there,therein lies the problem why i no longer go,plus the pricing,to get a new £400 million stadium costs money,yes and the fans pay,around £1400 per season,probably around the most expensive in World Football,for exactly no trophies in 7 season,this reason alone pisses me off completely.While i still love the team,i no longer have a connection with the money grabbing shits that run the club and are prevelant all over football at the top end and in a lesser way the bottom end but they are there.I will go again when the chance arises and one day i would like my season ticket back but not for £1500 a season....Just one other thing,Alan Pardew you are a twat.
Right,onto birding.Haven't done much recently,mainly due to Work,fog and sleep but did get an hour or so in on Sunday afternoon at Broadfield Farm,was a nice warm afternoon,plonked myself down with my stall and managed some shots of the local talent,talent being Woodpeckers,Yellowhammers and a Redpoll mainly.
Had a Buzzard while driving into the car Park but by the time i had set my camera equipment up it had dissapeared.May get a bit of birding done later but probably not,may have to leave it till tomorrow or thursday as i have quite a bit to do today.Heres some photos

Other birds of note were a fly over the head Siskin and 3 male Bullfinch that were just too quick for me.

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