Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Friday, 16 March 2012

Bullfinches still playing silly buggers

Just a quick update tonight,got to go back to work in a minute.
Got to Broadfield Farm about 8.30 this morning,headed for the scrape which was empty yesterday,this time a bit more although still only the Green Sandpiper as far as waders go but its early days,hopefully when the roadwork disturbance stops and its cleared up and spring is in full flow we may see some more to add to Lapwing,Redshank,sandpiper,snipe &jack snipe we have had already.Othe birds of note were Grey Wagtail,27 Linnets,3 Skylarks,4 Greenfinches & a Kestrel.We had a pair of Mallards on there which is good and they seemed to be enjoying it feeding in there.
Also we put some Blue tit boxes up on Wednesday and there are in there already checking it out,randy little buggers.
Onto the Woodlands,3 Lesser Redpolls,the usual tits & finches including 4 Bullfinch,two of each sex.
No birding tomorrow,got work in the morning although i may get a cheeky 20 minutes somewhere!!!
Then football at Hornchurch,we are home to Cray Wandereres at home,although we must win its not a must win game but we must win,should be a good game,have some photos!!!!

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