Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nearly drowned today

Well actually i didn't,but i got a bit wet.
Started off the morning picking up Mr Hawkin from Gatwick,then onto Renault to get a new windscreen wiper arm fitted,it turns out i only needed a clip to hold the thing on but they come with a wiper for £15 so i had to pay £15 for a clip,while there they told me my brakes needed doing soon so i got them done,total £120 spent when i went for one piddly thing.
Got back around 1pm when the weather was sort of improving so i went for a cheeky bird trip to Broadfield farm.Didn't really see too much,got the Sandpiper at the scrape along with a couple of Linnets and a Grey Wagtail.
On the way to the scrape,you have to go under the M25,there is a stream that runs under and a path next to it,on approaching the tunnel underneath britains quietest road i noticed the stream was quite high but not enough to concern me as i was only going to the scrape for an hour or so,the weather was set fair,what could possibly go wrong???
Thirty minutes later after the Sandpiper had moved on and the clouds once again looking menacing i decided to move back under the tunnel and nearer the centre just in case it tipped it down again,i walked up to the tunnel and the stream looked high,once at the tunnel the stream,which was now resembling the Colorado rapids was gushing past me,i was stranded,or at least i was if i didn't want to get wet.I got wet,had to wade through what seemed like a foot of water for about 10 yards before i reached dry land,another 15 minutes and i would of been stuck,a long walk back via North Ockendon,may of just finished me off.That was about it bird wise,it had dampened my legs as well as dampening my spirits,i went home.
I had to go back to the Farm this evening for the second meeting of the "Broadfield Farm Wildlife Group" of which i am the Wildlife liason officer for.The ecologists for the M25 widening programme that is currently going on bought some nest boxes for Barn Owls & Kestrels they made using items from the land they are using,very good having these guys involved,we also had a talk about Kingfishers and trying to get more views and possible breeding on site.There was also a talk by yours truly about whats been seen on the site in the month or so i have been birding it regularly,i was only supposed to be saying a few words but it went on for a good half hour and i hate public speaking,no good at it despite always having something to say but i enjoyed it and got a round of applause for my troubles as well as answering all manor of questions,really is a good group and a good laugh as well,people all working to get nature and the benefits of it out to the community,must get isla involved when she is old enough not to cause total destruction at the place.....
Back over there tomorrow,first spring migrant anyone?????

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