Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How can sites go undiscovered

Aaaarggghhhhh.......more of this later.
First things first,after taking the legendary Mr Sissen (AKA Buff) to Heathrow this morning i then made my way to Broadfield Farm for a couple of hours birding.Nothing spectacular today,had a look for Nuthatch that i heard yesterday and that was spotted by another observer Saturday but nitto,despite 6 eyes looking and four ears listening,Tony has glasses hence the 6 eyes,he also takes cartons of milk from Sainsburys back to Tesco to exchange because they are leaking lol.
As per previous days the Chiffchaffs ruled the roost,i counted 12 individuals today on my walk but that didn't include the other side of the M25,which although accessible was finally being cleaned,meaning we will have a clean scrape tomorrow!!!
Other birds around the site today......Bullfinch heard only,3 Yellowhammers,12 Redpoll,fly over twice,Goldfinch,8 Greenfinch and Kestrel.Didn't see any Buzzards or Sparrowhawks but this was probably down to me spending most of the day in the woods,Tony had a Mistle Thrush in the Car Park and i had a Goldcrest in the scrub near the brook.I left to go to a job but on the way driving down Pike Lane towards St Marys Lane,i looked to my left in this little clearing which i always considered just a small piece of wasteground,i decided to park up and have a look in the 10 minutes or so i had spare.In that 10 minutes i saw Linnets,heard Bullfinch,Yellowhammer,chiffchaff,saw Kestrel,dunnock,tits etc
After my job i went back for a further stroll,also had Mistle Thrush,saw 3 Bullfinch,about 8 Linnets,Green and Great Spotted woodpecker.Walking around i was amazed at the amount of birds,probably busier than Thames chase centre across the road,it also has a medium sized pond which is full of Reeds,it looks dried out as do the reeds but there is water at the bottom,just needs some sort of management,not sure who owns the site,think its just wasteland but worth finding out.I heard Coot in there,i just wonder what this site will throw up in the next few weeks,looks good for Whitethroat and other warblers,if the pond was managed a bit,this could get some stuff,i have enclosed some pictures for your entertainment,if you know this site let me know,it literally backs onto the Jobbers,i will give it a good bash tomorrow.

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  1. Rob, if your talking about the bit of land behind the Thatched House, then i beleive its part of the Thames Link, so could be worth talking with your friends at the Forrestry Commission