Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Boring Bullfinches

Bullfinches aren't really boring,but they can be a pain in the arse to Photograph as i am finding out.
They always seem to be behind bushes and when you do see one out in the clear it is either flying and hard to get a decent shot or about 200 yards away!! Today was no different.
My day which was coincidentally my Birthday,the warmest day of the year,started with thick fog at 5am which didn't lift till 10am,meaning i missed 3 hours birding but when the fog did lift,it was worth the wait,temperatures around 20c and unbroken sunshine in mid March,lovely.
I made my way down to Broadfield Farm and first stop the scrape,nothing,not even a Pied Wagtail,but there was standstill traffic next to it so this possibly could of played a part but also the state of the place could of,its a mess,i have written to the Highways Agency and spoke in person to the ecologists but nothing as of yet and its a concern,it looks awful,if anyone has any suggestions let me know,we can't clean it,we are not allowed in there but its supposed to be designed with nature in mind so it needs cleaning and quick.
I made my way back under the M25 and onto the Bridge to check for Kingfishers,nothing but i did knock my lense cap off the bridge and into the stream and had to ask a pissed off golfer to borrow the 8th pin to hook it out as i couldn't get close enough.RETRIEVED
This Afternoon i got my deckchair out and slummed it,parked myself up in 3 or 4 locations for an hour a time,birding,sleeping etc etc,some Good shots of Redpolls and some illusive Bullfinches made for a pleasant afternoon,a fly over Chiffchaff which somewhere parked up and started singing was seen although i couldn't relocate it once landed,not for the want of trying,should get back over tomorrow,may take the deckchair back over,will see what the weathers like,have some photos peeps

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