Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Birding Day

Went to the usual hang out this morning,Broadfield Farm.Got there around 9am after a quick job and had a good 3 hours walking around,bumped into Dave & Brenda,nice to see them again,hope you got the Bullfinches!!! I could hear them today but only got a very brief view of a female darting from one bush to another.
Had a good walk around today,chiffchaffs are the bird of the moment with at least 7 individuals now on site,2+ on the other side of the M25,2 + on Great Barn and at least 3 if not more in the Woodland,i would suspect the number to be around 10.No other migrants in yet but Peacocks and Comma Butterflies are out in good numbers now.
The odd Redpoll is still about,had 4 together today but to be honest i have been so preoccupied with chiffys i have neglected them a bit,will try to see how many are still around tomorrow.My first bird was a nice Mistle Thrush.2 Sparrowhawk were seen the other side of the M25 by Dave & Brenda but nothing was on the scrape,i went early,they reported nothing later on,but i put this down to the amount of disturbance on the motorway,with drilling right next to the scrape.Skylarks were as ever very vocal,a single Yellowhammer was seen by me with a couple seen by Dave & Brenda.
It promises to be a busy few days on site as we should start getting a few more migrants,Little Ringed Plover would be nice on the scrape but i would settle for a nice Willow Warbler or Whitethroat on the Great Barn area,should get over there first thing for an hour then another hour from 11.30,then back over from 3 so should get a few snaps if anything turns up,if not my lovely chiffys will have to do,hard life!!!!
One other thing,i am having a few problems with my camera/new lense,if anyone has a Nikon D80 and has had trouble with the battery inbdicator flashing the battery low with F-- coming up,meaning you can't take a shot let me know,it only happens when i have my new Sigma lense attatched,have looked on various forums and some people suggest its a fault that can be fixed by cleaning the contacts to lense,have tried this with just a qtip and it still plays up,it may be the camera,not sure but the camera seems to work ok with the 75/300mm lense,may have to get a better camera lol,have some photos peeps

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