Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Bit parky

Decided to go down the road again to look for the Waxwings that were seen yesterday,got down there just after 8.30 but nothing,decided to drive down to the country park again after yesterdays birding nirvana.Arrived after 9 and decided to put an extra layer on,walked down to the fence overlooking the reserve and met jerry who i had not seen for a year or so and then another bloke called Rob who had a bad back and a tattoo of a tawny owl on his arm,i walked around with Rob up to the bridge and back but with the wind howling through me and the slush from yesterday turning to hard ice,i decided to call it a day just after 10 as the boots i had on were slipping all over the place.
Birds seen today included 5 cormorants,grey heron,4 snipe,20 plus teal,kestrel,g s woodpecker,green woodpecker,lots of tits & finches,18 redwing & 25 fieldfare.
I had a couple of jobs to do in my mums garden,so popped round there to help out as my dads about as much use as a pork pie at a barmitzva then off round alices mums to put up some lights on the front of the house,up a ladder,i hate ladders,especially 8 foot up.
Then it was off to Iceland (the frozen supermarket chain) to get some nibbles for the darts match tonight where we might not be having curry now as there might bit be anyone to cook it.On leaving Iceland Alice spotted a little old lady who seemed to be cold and confused and she was asking people for a lift but everyone just drove past,we picked her up and dropped her off in Cranham,good deed done for the day.
Then i popped back round to my mums and done a bit of garden watching,not too much in the way of numbers but a female blackcap,great spotted woodpecker and Coal tit were by far the highlight of the day.
Now i just have to get someone to cook a curry for tonight,any offers let me know.


  1. Keep up the good work. Detailing where you've seen the birds is a great help given the Valley is such a big patch. It would be wonderful if the Bittern and Marsh Harrier hung around. I've briefly seen the Harrier before, but always miss the Bittern.
    Probably the only person in the country not to see a Waxwing yet, but at least I know where to start now.

  2. Cheers mate,just think i have been in the right place at the right time recently,its usually others who get the good birds lol
    should imagine there will be more waxwing turning up as 1400 came in from pegwell bay in kent on wednesday