Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Part 3 of Saturdays Snow Fest

By 2.30pm i was completely bored sitting in front of the tele with no football apart from shite internet football ie Sunderland v Bolton so as it had more or less stopped snowing i decided to venture out across the road,as soon as i got out the front door it started again,but i decided to carry on as i am made of some seriously strong stuff.After walking for about 15 minutes i set up overlooking some farmland and some scrub behind me


It werent too cold but i made sure i was wrapped up warm

I look like a bit of a twat but a warm twat.
Anyway,for half hour and a blizzard smashing into me i saw pretty much zilch,nito,nowt,apart from a jackdaw,carrion crow and a solitary blue tit but then it cleared and i could actually see things,like my lense which kept getting wet.Overhead went 2 cormorants,then some greenfinch,then chaffinch,12 linnets then landed into a tree a bit further down the side of the field,a Great Spotted Woodpecker flew into the big oak tree and while i was getting my scope onto it i noticed a pair of eyes,no,not a flasher but a Little Owl,could be the same one i have seen sitting on my wall before but not sure,2 redwings then flew over.By now it was starting to get a little dark so i thought i would head back,hoping for a waxwing invassion in my lense but no such luck,although i did have a green woodpecker,6 fieldfare and good views of a fox,which i tried to get a picture of but by the time i fired my i phone up he had gone for a burton,or a rabbit.Final little flourish of birds happened just as i was about to come out of the scrub as a jay flew over and then 9 snipe headed north up the valley,not a bad afternoon in the end...

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