Serin,Isla's middle name...

Serin,Isla's middle name...

Saturday, 25 December 2010

No Birding please it's Christmas

Haven't been birding today for obvious reasons,well that's a slight lie as i popped over to mayesbrook park in Barking earlier as it's next to Alices aunts,where we had our Christmas dinner.Only popped over there for twenty minutes or so but managed to see a few birds.I actually only popped over there to try to clear my headache and have a sneaky fag but managed to get a few sneaky birds as well
At the side of the park is a small stream,more a brook and immediately i latched on to a grey wagtail,also had 2 moorhen and 4 mallard.A grey heron was a bit further upstream.In the snow covered grass were plenty of crows and gulls including two common gulls overhead.
Then back to Alices aunties for our slap up Xmas dinner,which 4 hours later i am still stuffed from.
After dinner I had to go back to upminster to take my mum and dad to their 90 quid lunch !!!
On the way back i had 3 red legged partridge in the fields near the paddock and a bullfinch in the bushes next to the paddock,a kestrel was overhead and as i pulled up at my flat to get some more supplies a sparrowhawk swooped behind some bushes and came back out with what looked like a chaffinch,a good day so far,off to see my sister,brother in law and nephew Jake the jakester.

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